Picking up Punnets of Berries

Today we went to our local fruit farm  (Bearstone Fruit Farm) and picked a variety of fruits. These included:

  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • and there’s also much more (including vegetables)!

We normally go here at least once a year, and sometimes even twice! It’s a wonderful day out for most ages. The scenery of the fields and patches is a great atmosphere. And so you can go and not just pick fruit and vegetables; but relax, take photos, eat, and obviously… take fresh foods home to eat (at a small cost). Other farms like this will even let you pick them, and then re-sell then, at NO cost!!

It’s an amazing opportunity to get the whole family out ‘n’ about to enjoy the summer weather.

So grab your baskets and go to your local fruit farm to make the most of the summer weather…

Now I better go and eat some of many amounts of strawberries that we now have!

Be back soon, for more posts,

Elisha x



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