Winter Walks 

Once again I haven’t posted for ages and I’m so sorry! My school and home life has been extremely busy, and I’ve forgotten about most social medias as well. But anyway I’m back now and can’t wait to start. 

The other day me and my friend , Grace, went on a little walk. Actually I wouldn’t say it was quite that little as it took us 3 1/2 ours, however we got plenty photos! It was such fun searching for inspiration and catching the shot, as well as talking about photography itself, as this is also Graces hobby too. Not many things to talk about happened. Oh … but … I did fall over at one time in a bit of mud by some elephant grass, it was kind of funny!             TIP: when falling over with a camera hold it in the air so it doesn’t break or get dirty !   (I’ve had plenty of experience) . 
Anyway today I thought I’d share with you some of the photos that I took, you may of seen them on social medias, such as Instagram. But anyway: 

These are all the photos that I took! I hope you like them and they give you inspiration to go out and take photos to share with others.   Remember: You don’t NEED a camera you can use whatever you have like a, phone or family camera, etc …     I started with my old iPhone 5 and I used that for 1 1/2 + years before I even thought about a camera!   Did you know: That a smart phone is now classed as a type of camera in photography! 

 Also I’ve just finished a course in photography, so expect some points that were included in the course on here next time! 
Thank you for reading , and I hope you’ll be back for more posts once again (I’ll try not to have another big break off of it)! 

Elisha x 


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